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Data Recovery

We engage in recovery and
deleting data from the following devices:

IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD hard disk drives,
RAID Matrices,
Memory cards,
Flash memory devices.
Diagnosis In order to detect the damage we have to perform a diagnosis. After that, we possess the information what is the root cause of the problem, whether there is s possibility of recovery, what data can be recovered and what is the cost of the operation. The maximum time of to state a diagnosis is 10 working days. It is free charge when later the client decides to use our services or when there is no possibility of data recovery. In case of cancellation of the data recovery process, the cost of finding the cause of the fault equals PLN 50 gross for logically corrupted devices or PLN 250 gross for the ones damaged physically.

Possible damage Recovering data after logical damage:
In case of logical failures we are dealing with a completely technically functional device. Data loss is caused by viruses, power surges, blackouts or errors in the software. Often the user himself/herself deletes data by mistake or formats the hard drive when backing up important files.

Recovering data after physical damage:
In case of physical damage we are dealing with a technically damaged device. Are damaged following heads, motors, electronics systems and plates. The most common root cause for this type of defect is careless transportation or fall. In case of hard drives even a fall from a low height can cause damage. Often, these drives are not visible for computers or seem to produce unusual sounds such as whistling or tapping.

Delivery method Our offer is addressed to clients from across Poland. We invite you to provide the device to our customer service or to send it to us. We can also sort out a dispatch-rider who will collect the device from the address provided. Remember to very carefully wrap the package with bubble wrap or other filler before sending to prevent additional damage.

Important As soon as you realize that you do not have files important to you or you notice a malfunction in the way your hard drive performs - turn off the computer. Do not perform any operations with it, do not try to recover the data on your own. Such actions can cause data to be overwritten. Turn off the computer by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds . Even shutting down the computer through the Start menu can replace the original data in the file structure.